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Confidently Handle And Respond To A Subpoena

You may wonder how to respond to a subpoena letter and what receiving one could mean for you.

Attorney Dan C. Guthrie Jr. understands that your actions and how you respond to the subpoena can have serious implications. He and his team at Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., can help you gather any relevant and appropriate evidence related to the subpoena and prepare you for your appearance in court.

What Is A Subpoena?

Subpoenas are formal legal documents requesting you to take a specific action. Those actions often include giving witness statements or providing evidence to a court or government agency. Judges typically issue subpoenas. However, clerks, government agents and other attorneys can also administer them.

If you receive a subpoena, it does not indicate that you are in legal trouble. It means you must go to court to answer questions and provide information about a specific case.

Why Did You Receive A Subpoena?

You may receive a subpoena if:

  • A court asks you to testify in a criminal trial.
  • A judge requests you provide evidence for a specific case.
  • A judge asks you to provide witness statements for a criminal or civil case.
  • A federal government agency wants to interview you as part of an investigation.

Speaking with a lawyer before entering the courtroom is vital, no matter why you’re being subpoenaed. While you may not have any formal charges against you, courts and federal agents may use any information you provide to build a future case against you. Mr. Guthrie can help protect your rights by telling you what documents and evidence you must bring and how to handle questions from judges, attorneys or federal authorities.

Dan C. Guthrie Jr. Can Guide You – Call Today.

Dealing with a subpoena request can be precarious, especially when doing it alone. However, with help from Mr. Guthrie, you can rest easy knowing you’re navigating the process effectively. Call 214-730-4845 for an initial consultation today or email the firm.