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Experienced Legal Defense Amid SEC Investigations

SEC investigations can come with serious repercussions. The accused face forfeiture of stock and profits, and often criminal investigation or prosecution. If convicted, individuals can face lengthy prison terms without parole

If convicted, these individuals face lengthy prison terms without parole. That is why Dan C. Guthrie Jr. from the Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., believes in intense proactive intervention to reduce the risk of an indictment. If involved early, after a proactive and thorough investigation, Mr. Guthrie can preempt an indictment and convince prosecutors and investigators to reach a settlement without filing charges against you.

Preventing Publicity Surrounding An Indictment For Securities Fraud Is Always A Priority

Insider trading or an FCPA violation, even if there is an acquittal later, can irreparably damage the reputation of an executive or CEO. In today’s highly scrutinous and litigious business environment, alleged illegal behavior by a CEO can hurt more than just the accused. Stories of alleged illegal activity by a company CEO can drop company stock prices, damaging shareholders and investors. Plus, unwanted media attention from alleged illegal activities can lead to poor public perception of a company, resulting in lost profits.

Mr. Guthrie knows how damaging even the smallest of rumors can be about a company or CEO during an SEC investigation. That’s why he works diligently to ensure these legal matters remain as private as possible so that matters can be settled quietly without the court of public opinion weighing in on private matters.

Work With A Lawyer Who Knows What They’re Doing

Dan has successfully defended board chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, doctors, lawyers, CPAs and entrepreneurs embroiled in complex white collar criminal investigations related to securities fraud and insider trading. SEC investigations can be scary, but when you have Mr. Guthrie on your side, you can feel at ease as you maneuver your case, knowing you’re doing everything possible to avoid indictment and protect your reputation.

Embark on your defense approach today by visiting his contact page or calling 214-730-4845.