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Accused Of Ponzi Scheme Activities? Seek Legal Support From The Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr.

Being investigated for fraud by a government agency can potentially cause untold damage to an individual or corporation. Those accused of defrauding investors in a Ponzi scheme could face federal or state charges under mail fraud and wire fraud statutes.

Securing experienced legal representation as quickly as possible is your best chance at avoiding an indictment. Dan Guthrie’s goal in every case is to prevent an indictment. While he has successfully prevented indictments over his career, he is also an accomplished trial lawyer who will present a compelling case before a judge and jury if necessary.

What Is A Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme occurs when a corporation or individual promises investors a specific rate of return. Rather than invest the money, however, old investors are instead paid with new investors’ principal. SEC, FBI, DOJ and other agencies have devoted substantial resources to investigating and prosecuting Ponzi schemes and other forms of investment fraud. Those under investigation or indictment for these types of allegations tend to be high-profile individuals.

Securities cases often involve reviewing extensive documentation, including emails and other forms of electronically stored information (ESI). Dan is skilled at analyzing large quantities of evidence and will identify your case’s strengths and potential weaknesses.

Dan has extensive experience defending corporate officers, directors and others facing investigation or indictment for Ponzi Schemes. He recognizes the need for discretion and is prepared to create a compelling strategy to effectively tell your story.

Protecting Your Reputation During A Fraud Investigation Is Critical

You’ve likely seen horror stories on the news about those who’ve faced severe criminal penalties and public outrage over an alleged Ponzi scheme. The risk for such outcomes can be high. However, with the right defense strategy and legal counsel on your side, you can reduce the risk of unfavorable outcomes.

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