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Seasoned Fraud Defense Lawyer, Serving Clients In Dallas And Nationwide

Fraud allegations can encompass a wide range of potential conduct. At the federal level, fraud allegations are generally prosecuted under wire fraud and mail fraud statutes. These laws are very broad in nature, and many individuals and businesses can unwittingly face serious scrutiny from various government agencies for alleged violations.

Most people, particularly law-abiding citizens with no experience with the criminal justice system, cannot comprehend the scope of the government’s power. For people under investigation by law enforcement, the only thing standing in the way of an indictment, criminal charges and a potential conviction is a defense lawyer. The Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., located in Dallas but serving clients nationwide, provides tough, discreet representation for people facing all types of fraud accusations.

An Experienced Fraud Law Attorney

If you have been accused of fraudulent activity and are facing fraud charges and accusations of fraud crime, it is essential that your attorney have the skill and tenacity necessary to stand up to the government. Based in Dallas and serving a national clientele, criminal defense lawyer Dan C. Guthrie Jr. has the depth and breadth of experience required to present a strong defense against these types of charges. In addition to having more than 30 years of experience as a defense lawyer, he is also a former state and federal prosecutor. As a result, he understands how the government views these cases and how to successfully defend his clients against these allegations.

A Strong Defense Against All Forms Of Fraud Allegations

The government usually does not bring fraud charges until after conducting a lengthy investigation with the grand jury. The best time to retain an attorney is during this investigation. In many instances, a skilled defense lawyer can intervene during fraud investigations. A fraud crime attorney can uncover the flaws in the government’s case and convince prosecutors that an indictment is not warranted under the complete picture of the case. One look at Dan’s case record and representative cases shows that he has been very successful in doing just that.

A Knowledgeable White Collar Crimes Lawyer Can Make A Difference

If a fraud indictment is returned or a fraud arrest has already been made, Mr. Guthrie’s extensive trial experience significantly benefits his clients. Whatever the allegations, and no matter where you are in the process, Mr. Guthrie is fully prepared to protect your rights at each stage of the fraud investigation or court proceedings. Mr. Guthrie has extensive experience with all types of financial fraud, and fraud-related accusations and criminal charges.

Health Care Fraud

As health care costs increase, the government is taking a closer look at the conduct of health care professionals. As a result, health care fraud investigations and prosecutions are on the rise, with many physicians and other medical professionals facing reputation-destroying allegations.

Antitrust Violations

Under the Sherman Antitrust Act, price fixing and market allocations are illegal. Competitors must not conspire to determine the cost of products in a way that harms the public, nor should suppliers and manufacturers conspire to raise consumer costs. Any sort of related activity, can lead to investigations or charges related to violations of antitrust laws.

Bank Fraud

Whether you’ve been charged with bank fraud or financial fraud in connection with a mortgage fraud investigation, identity theft or embezzlement, protecting your reputation, your privacy, your financial security and your freedom is a difficult task that demands an experienced lawyer.

Commercial Real Estate Fraud

Even reputable businesses must face difficult decisions to stay afloat in tough economic times. For many business professionals in Texas and throughout the United States, this may lead to allegations of misrepresentations made to lenders and accusations of real estate fraud. As the value of office buildings and other commercial real estate goes down, the underlying collateral at banks will be closely examined for potential misrepresentations.

What Is Commodities Fraud?

Commodities fraud investigations involve auditing and reviewing the actions of a broker and the specific transactions in question. Investigators review commodities futures contracts in order to determine if fraudulent statements were made.

Computer Fraud

Computer fraud represents a broad category of crimes. Any time a computer is alleged to have been used to facilitate a criminal activity, this can lead to accusations of computer fraud. However, computer hard drive records can be strong evidence of fraudulent activity that is difficult to defend.

What Is Government Procurement Fraud?

Government procurement fraud cases arise when federal contracts are obtained illegally or improperly, or when federal contracts are fulfilled with inferior goods or services, including cases involving insider information or other schemes.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud occurs in a broad range of contexts and may involve any type of insurance. Common examples include:

  • Companies overstating insurance losses after a natural disaster
  • Medical providers rendering one service but charging for another
  • Employers making false statements to lower policy premiums

Any accusations of fraudulent activity related to insurance claims or policies should be taken seriously.

Mortgage Fraud

The fallout of the real estate and financial markets has caused federal investigators to scrutinize financial enterprises nationwide. Business professionals, homeowners and other individuals are increasingly confronted with mortgage fraud allegations.

Other Types Of Loan Fraud

In addition to mortgage fraud, other loan schemes include inflating property appraisals, failing to disclose a primary residence, falsifying documents, or various charges relating to other aspects of borrowing and lending.

What Is Mail Fraud?

Under 940.18 U.S.C. Section 1341, which outlines the elements of mail fraud, a conviction for mail fraud must prove two elements. First, the accused must have devised a plan or scheme to defraud someone else. Second, the accused must have used the mail system to execute, or attempt to execute their scheme or plan. 

Mail fraud is a commonly used statute by federal prosecutors when fraud allegations are prosecuted. A good fraud defense attorney can conduct a thorough investigation and analysis of the underlying facts to uncover weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case.

What Is Wire Fraud?

Wire fraud is another commonly used statute by federal prosecutors when fraud allegations are prosecuted. Under 941. 18 U.S.C. 1343, the elements of wire fraud are similar to the elements of mail fraud. The elements of wire fraud include:

  • The accused participated in a scheme to defraud someone of money
  • The accused participated in this scheme with the intent of defraud
  • Wire communication was used to perpetrate or attempt to perpetrate the scheme
  • It was reasonable to foresee that interstate wire communication would be used in connection with this scheme

Interstate wire communications can include the use of a telephone or a wire transfer of money or the use of email or the internet.

Work With A Fraud Lawyer Who Understands

Fraud charges can have numerous criminal, financial and social implications. Don’t let these charges ruin your life; you can fight back. Mr. Guthrie understands how serious fraud charges can be at the federal and state levels and knows how to effectively defend you.

If you are under investigation for fraud in Dallas and nationwide, please contact fraud defense lawyer Dan Guthrie at 214-730-4845 or by filling out the intake form on the firm’s contact page.