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White Collar Defense Attorney

"...At the end of the day, the defense attorney you want is the one who's not afraid to subpoena the President."

Dan Guthrie


White Collar Defense Attorney

"...At the end of the day, the defense attorney you want is the one who's not afraid to subpoena the President."

Whether it requires getting testimony from the president of your company or the President of the United States, Dan Guthrie will work to protect your rights. A big law firm might prioritize a company’s relationships or reputation – but Guthrie’s sole objective is vindicating his clients.

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A Solo Practitioner Devoted to White Collar Defense and Whistleblower Claims

Nationwide Practice

Former Federal & State Prosecutor

More than 30 Years’ Experience

Track Record of Success

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Who Prosecutes White Collar Crimes?

Federal authorities investigate and prosecute many white collar crimes, many of which cross state lines and may involve tactics such as wire fraud or mail fraud. The U.S. District Attorney’s Office has substantial resources and can aggressively pursue prosecution of white collar criminals.

Will I Be Treated With Leniency?

Even without violence or overt criminal activity, white collar criminals are handed sentences as harsh as those given to violent offenders.

What Kind of Legal Strategies Can Protect Me?

There may be a number of defenses and legal strategies that are available. Many federal prosecutions result in a large number of witnesses being asked to provide information about the case.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer may construct an effective defense via a thorough review – and understanding of – the facts in your case. Copious witness interviews, skillful cross examinations and succinct presentations of physical exhibits and complex financial records will also come into play. White collar cases can be extremely complicated, so success may rely on a defense attorney’s ability to identify a vulnerability or flaw in the prosecution’s case.

What Does the Prosecutor Have to Prove in a Fraud Case?

That depends on the charges. The most difficult to prove, by far, is INTENT TO DEFRAUD OR HARM. This is where your criminal defense attorney’s skill is critical. Persuading a jury that a case lack’s sufficient evidence can be the difference between going to prison or walking away.

What Should I Do If I’m Under Investigation or Indicted?

Choose the best and most experienced White Collar attorney you can afford. Work closely with your attorney and seek to fully understand the evidence the prosecution believes they have against you. Your attorney is your best ally, so plan to collaborate and work closely with your legal team.

A High Profile Attorney for High Stakes Cases

He’s proactive, thorough and discreet. He’s also media savvy. Dan Guthrie has been featured and/or cited in New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Associated Press, Washington Times, The Dallas Morning News, Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, and Time Magazine.

The Lawyer You Choose Makes a Difference

Dan C. Guthrie, Jr. is a White Collar Defense attorney whose practice includes White Collar investigations, Whistleblower Cases, Tax Law, Securities Law and Fraud Law, including COVID-era fraud charges associated with PPP, EIDL and other SBA loan programs.

Guthrie provides skillful independent defense of indictments and investigations in Dallas, Texas, and throughout the United States. He also represents whistleblowers who may be eligible for a reward from the government in exchange for their knowledge of tax fraud, fraud against the government, corporate fraud by public companies and commodities fraud.

He’s a former state and federal prosecutor with extensive jury trial experience and is known as an independent, proactive, “hands on” lawyer with a noted track record in the courtroom and in persuading the government not to take a case to trial.

  • Proactive and aggressive defense of federal grand jury investigations
  • Vigorous trial defense of federal white collar indictments
  • Thorough and totally independent corporate internal investigations
  • Representation of Whistleblowers seeking rewards for information of fraud or corporate wrongdoing


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