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Strategic Defense For IRS Criminal Prosecution

Investigation Division (CID) has been hired nationwide in Texas. Tax evasion, false and fraudulent tax returns, the failure to declare offshore bank accounts, the use of sham offshore trusts and failure to file tax returns are hot-button issues these days.

The IRS is very serious about prosecuting these individuals. Early and proactive representation is essential to address these issues effectively. If you face criminal prosecution from the IRS, Dan C. Guthrie Jr. from the Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., can work with you to protect your future. Mr. Guthrie has years of experience dealing with IRS criminal cases. He understands how IRS criminal investigations work, what information agents are looking for and the tactics the IRS uses to build a case against you.

Why The IRS May Pursue Criminal Charges

Here are a few examples:

  • Using sham offshore trusts and bank accounts to conceal income and assets
  • Shifting assets and income to hidden offshore accounts
  • Failing to file FBARs regarding foreign bank accounts
  • Claiming fictitious or inflated deductions
  • Tax preparation services that use false or inflated deductions
  • Businesses that fail to pay payroll taxes
  • Failing to report true income
  • Failing to file tax returns

No matter how you find yourself facing these accusations, it’s important to act quickly when engaging with a large government entity like the IRS. Get in contact with Mr. Guthrie today by calling 214-730-4845

Let The Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., Protect Your Freedom

Encountering criminal charges from the IRS can feel scary. However, when you have the knowledge and resources to defend yourself, it could mean the difference between freedom and time behind bars. Contact Mr. Guthrie today by calling 214-730-4845 or scheduling a consultation.