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Legal Defense For Civil And Criminal Forfeiture

In theory, forfeiture deprives criminals of financial gain associated with wrongdoing. Unfortunately, forfeiture is ripe for abuse. Federal and state government agencies can seize homes, vehicles, cash and other property through the forfeiture process. If you are accused of forfeiture, it’s crucial to seek help from someone who understands the severity and complexity of forfeiture.

Attorney Dan C. Guthrie Jr. of Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., knows how to handle forfeiture charges so you can reduce the risk of facing the consequences that can come with it.

The Burden Of Proof Is Far Lower In Forfeiture Cases

Since forfeiture has to deal with property used in a crime, authorities don’t have to have the same amount of evidence to seize the property, making these cases more complex than they often need to be. The Feds can initiate civil forfeiture proceedings simply by showing probable cause that assets were connected with criminal activity. A criminal forfeiture takes place after a conviction. Obviously, forfeiture can deny your ability to retain competent legal representation.

If you’re facing the seizure of your assets, the lawyer you hire will make a substantial difference in keeping or losing your property. You have the right to a hearing. These are difficult, but not impossible to win.

Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., Can Help You Get Back What’s Rightfully Yours.

Dan Guthrie is well-versed in these legal, procedural and strategic issues, and he will work with former federal investigators and IRS agents to show your assets were acquired legitimately.

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