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Protect Your Rights And Freedoms Amid Criminal Tax Disputes

After years of keeping a low profile, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is enhancing its efforts to investigate and pursue taxpayers for alleged violations. As a result, more individuals and corporations face tax controversies.

One thing is certain: if the IRS wants to speak with you, they may be trying to build a criminal case. Engaging with the IRS without an attorney can lead to criminal exposure and substantial legal problems.

Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr. lawyer Dan C. Guthrie Jr. advises and represents individuals and businesses in Texas and nationwide against all types of tax-related investigations and accusations.

When To Contact A Tax Attorney

Contact Mr. Guthrie if you experience any of the following scenarios:

  • The IRS contacts your spouse, children, family members, coworkers or boss.
  • You get a substantial tax bill you don’t understand.
  • The IRS requests an audit.
  • The IRS accuses you of tax fraud or evasion after conducting an audit.
  • You get a property lien or levy from the IRS.

If you get a formal notice from the IRS regarding any of these scenarios, it’s important not to panic and seek appropriate legal guidance. Mr. Guthrie can address any questions or concerns you have about your situation. Contact him by calling 214-730-4845 today.

How To Resolve Tax Controversies

The last thing you want is a legal battle with the IRS. Depending on your circumstances, here are a few avenues that could help you settle your dispute:

  • Offer in compromise (OIC): This is an agreement taxpayers can make with the IRS to settle a set amount of tax debt they owe over a certain period. However, the IRS may only accept an OIC under certain conditions. Work with a seasoned tax lawyer to understand what those conditions could be.
  • Negotiating payment reductions on installment agreements: If your financial situation warrants it, the IRS may agree to reduce your monthly payments to what you can afford.
  • Negotiating with the IRS to remove a lien: When you owe back taxes, the IRS may decide to place a lien on your property until you pay them back. To remove the lien, you can apply for a Certificate of Discharge, subordination or make removing the lien a condition under your offer in compromise.

While these can provide some potential options, not all may work for you or apply to your personal tax situation. Speak with Mr. Guthrie today to learn more about which approach best suits your circumstances.

Speak With A Lawyer Before Speaking With The IRS

The IRS employs over 3,000 special agents dedicated to uncovering and investigating tax fraud. These agents have a number of computer, accounting, surveillance and investigative resources at their disposal. They can issue subpoenas to anyone who can testify against you.

Discussing your situation with the IRS without an attorney present can only lead to criminal exposure and substantial legal problems. No matter the allegation, Dan Guthrie Jr. can take all the steps necessary to protect you against the IRS.

He aims to convince the IRS that a tax controversy should be handled as a civil matter and prevent an indictment. Aside from avoiding indictment, his job is to manage any publicity stemming from the investigation and discreetly defend you to minimize the risk of professional or personal harm.

Plan To Reduce Criminal Tax Liability Risk

A criminal tax charge can wreak havoc on your life, livelihood and finances. A thorough understanding of federal laws can help you avoid mistakes that could lead to an intense IRS investigation or life-altering criminal penalties.

Whether you’ve been charged with a tax crime or worry about facing accusations of a tax crime, contact attorney Dan C. Guthrie Jr. at 214-730-4845. You can schedule an initial consultation by reaching out today. He takes cases throughout Texas and across the U.S.