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Experienced, Nationwide Commodities Fraud Counsel

Commodities fraud investigations are typically initiated after regulators suspect a broker of deceitful, fraudulent practices. These practices may involve misrepresenting the nature of an investment risk, failure to register a solicitation of funds or commingling broker funds with those of a client.

Working with financial analysts and commodities experts, lawyer Dan C. Guthrie Jr. from Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., analyzes the decisions and actions of his client within the market conditions of the time, establishing their compliance with the Commodities Exchange Act (CEA).

Investigators may begin talking to suspects, their co-workers or investors in an attempt to find anything that will justify opening a full-scale investigation. Of course, investigators won’t always tell you if you’re under investigation, nor will they share all their information regarding a case. As a result, you could be a suspect and not even know it. In today’s economic climate of corporate scandals and financial meltdowns, it’s not uncommon for federal investigators to go on a “fishing expedition.”

Commodities Fraud And Federal Investigators

Commodities fraud investigations involve auditing and reviewing the actions of a broker and the specific transactions in question. Investigators review commodities futures contracts in order to determine if fraudulent statements were made in connection with them. The bank accounts and assets of a broker may be reviewed in order to identify any unexplained sources of income or unusual activity that can be connected with his or her activities as a broker.

These investigations can be bureaucratic and take months, sometimes years, to complete. Trying to work with state or federal investigators on your own can cause you to hurt your case and increase your chances of a possible indictment. The last thing you want is for a commodities fraud charge to ruin you professionally, personally and financially. An experienced white collar criminal defense attorney can help you move through the investigation and handle matters in a way that can reduce the risk of an indictment or criminal charge.

You Deserve A Fair Fight

When facing a government investigation for commodities fraud, you have a constitutional right to tell your side of the story and not do or say anything that could incriminate you.

You can begin working on your defense strategy today by scheduling a consultation with Mr. Guthrie. Reach out via his online contact form or call 214-730-4845.