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Finding Our Dallas Federal Criminal Law Office

Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr. is located in Dallas’s Oak Lawn neighborhood at:

4131 North Central Expressway
Suite 900
Dallas, Texas 75204

We are in the Lucid Private Offices suite within 4131 NCX, a 12-story building on North Central Expressway between North Fitzhugh Avenue and Elizabeth Street. 4131 NCX is between the Uptown office market and the Central Expressway office market, northeast of Cole Park.

Free parking is available to visitors.

Always call 214-730-4845 before visiting our law office. We are available to conduct meetings via phone or videoconference, as well as visiting incarcerated parties. Our attorney represents people not just in Dallas, but nationwide, so we pride ourselves on our accessibility.

When To Call Our Federal White Collar Criminal Defense Firm

We encourage you to reach out to us the moment you become aware that a law enforcement agency may be investigating you or even asking questions about you. If you have been contacted by the FBI or any other federal law enforcement agency or even local police or sheriffs department officers, you can benefit from our immediate representation as we may be able to intervene before charges are filed. Needless to say, if you have already been charged with any type of fraud or white collar crime you should contact us right away.

If you are looking for a lawyer on behalf of a loved one who has been charged and is incarcerated, the matter is urgent. We can help you ascertain where they are incarcerated, if you do not already know, and visit them at the Dallas City Jail, a Federal Correctional Institution or any other facility.

Reminder: Do Not Talk To Law Enforcement

Now is the time when it is crucial to remember your right to remain silent. This is true whether you are the accused, a relative of the accused or even just a witness. Law enforcement is in the process of building a case. You do not have to assist them. Talk to us first. Call 214-730-4845 or send us an email.

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