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Strategic Insurance Fraud Defense

You can be sure that insurance companies are vigilant about insurance fraud in any form. Companies will aggressively seek to exemplify you and your situation if you’ve been accused. The damage to your reputation can be swift; securing experienced counsel early in the process is your best response to an accusation of insurance fraud.

These crimes are taken very seriously, regardless of the type of insurance. Insurance fraud occurs in a broad range of contexts and may involve any type of insurance. Common examples include the corporation that “overstates” insurance losses after a natural disaster; the medical provider who renders one service but charges for a more expensive one; and the business owner who makes a few false statements to secure lower premiums.

Building a strong defense against white collar criminal charges such as insurance fraud starts with a thorough investigation. Attorney Dan C. Guthrie Jr. of Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., employs former federal investigators, IRS special agents and other professionals as necessary. He serves clients in Dallas, Texas, and across the country.

You can be assured that as far as the legal work involved in preparing and presenting their defense goes, Mr. Guthrie will be doing that work, and no one else will do it.

Different Types Of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud can manifest in all different forms. Here are a few common examples:

  • Life insurance fraud: Reporting a false death to collect on a life insurance claim.
  • Health insurance fraud: Patients or doctors making false or inflated claims to get insurance to pay more for medical services or treatments.
  • Premium diversion: Embezzling insurance premiums. This typically happens when an insurer doesn’t send premiums to an underwriter but keeps them for themselves.
  • Staged accidents: When someone fakes an accident to get money from their insurer. This can happen through staging a car crash, housefire or other serious incident that could lead to large payouts.

Insurance fraud charges of any kind should be taken seriously. However, insurers can also quickly point the finger at policyholders and accuse them of insurance fraud to protect their bottom line. Regardless of the accusation, it’s important to hire insurance fraud defense legal counsel as soon as possible.

Seek Effective Fraud Defense Counsel Today

Insurance fraud charges can have a lasting impact on your future. Don’t let insurers accuse you of fraudulent activity without telling your side of the story. Fight back with help from a lawyer like Dan C. Guthrie Jr.

Begin your defense by scheduling an initial consultation. Call 214-730-4845 or visit the firm’s contact page to start.