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Under Investigation By The FBI? Remember Your Rights.

Federal charges of embezzlement, insurance fraud, corporate fraud or other white collar crimes could result in an FBI investigation. The way you handle these investigations could determine the outcomes in your case. Don’t try to negotiate or talk with the FBI alone; always contact an attorney before you engage in questioning.

Attorney Dan C. Guthrie Jr. from Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., has been helping clients navigate investigations with federal government agencies for over three decades. He understands what can make or break your case based on your interactions with federal authorities. Working with him could be the difference between freedom and fearing for your future.

Mr. Guthrie Can Help You Fight The Following Charges

Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., provides experienced, proactive and expedient defense representation to clients who are targets of an FBI investigation, grand jury or other government agency regarding:
  • Commercial real estate fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Loan fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Government procurement fraud
  • Other forms of white collar fraud

Avoiding an indictment is possible if proactive action is taken at the right stages of FBI or grand jury investigations. Learn how you can make the right moves by calling Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., at 214-730-4845.

Don’t Wait – Begin Work On Your Defense Today.

An effective defense strategy starts before indictments are filed – usually at the onset of FBI investigations. Contact Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., to immediately discuss your defense strategy.

Schedule your initial consultation ASAP by calling 214-730-4845 or completing the firm’s online contact form.