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Legal Support For Government Procurement Fraud Charges

The U.S. government awards billions of dollars a year in contracts. However, a rigorous process of competitive bidding doesn’t always eliminate fraud. The FBI investigates when contractors are suspected of seeking government dollars via deceptive or fraudulent means.

Under the Federal False Claims Act, people who bring forward information regarding procurement fraud are entitled to a percentage of funds recovered by the government.

With so much at stake, procurement fraud is taken very seriously. Attorney Dan C. Guthrie Jr. represents clients who allege fraud against the government in connection with federal contracts in Texas and nationwide.

Government Procurement Fraud

Government procurement fraud cases arise when federal contracts are obtained illegally or improperly or when federal contracts are fulfilled with inferior goods or services, including cases involving:

  • False statements made about the quality of goods or services
  • Inside information used to obtain a bid (nonpublic information)
  • Used bribery to participate with a specific contractor or vendor
  • Inferior products substituted for the originally contracted products
  • Defective products knowingly supplied under a federal contract

Identifying and reporting government fraud can protect you from facing serious criminal liability. However, to do so effectively, seeking experienced legal counsel is necessary. Call Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., at 214-730-4845 to learn how to proceed with reporting government procurement fraud.

Protect Yourself By Doing The Right Thing

Government fraud can lead to serious consequences for everyone. Identifying and reporting it to the appropriate sources is not only a wise decision but can also help protect you from potential liability if it were to be discovered another way.

Learn how to file a fraud report effectively by working with Mr. Guthrie. Call him at 214-730-4845 or schedule an initial consultation through the firm’s contact page.