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Health Care Fraud Accusations Are Rising – Seek Legal Help

Scrutiny of physicians and other medical professionals can lead to career-ending charges. A mere investigation can cause people to lose their professional licenses and face potential prison time.

Defending against health care fraud and protecting your reputation will require swift and immediate action.

Lawyer Dan C. Guthrie Jr. from Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., is an accomplished white collar criminal defense attorney and has successfully defended numerous clients at the investigative, indictment and trial stages of health care fraud cases.

Medicare And Medicaid Fraud Are The Most Common

Medicare and health care fraud allegations can involve many different types of conduct, including:

  • Upcoding or using incorrect current procedural technology (CPT) codes to bill for more expensive procedures than those actually rendered
  • Unbundling or charging medical procedures separately when they should be charged together
  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Performing unnecessary medical procedures to receive insurance payments
  • Misrepresenting elective surgeries as medically necessary procedures
  • Receiving or paying kickbacks

The fact is that billing procedures for Medicare and Medicaid are extremely confusing, even for people who work in these agencies. As a result, proving intent in these prosecutions can be difficult.

How Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., Can Help With Defense Efforts

The government’s goal in many health care fraud cases is to prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt. However, proving intent can be extremely challenging. Since Mr. Guthrie has worked as both a federal and state prosecutor, he knows what tactics government officials use to try and prove intent and can find fallacies in their arguments against you.

Don’t Put The Career You Love At Risk

Countless health care professionals are passionate about their work. Sadly, it can take only a simple error or misunderstanding to derail your career and lead to a career-ending investigation. However, by working with Dan C. Guthrie, you can improve your chances of fighting the charges made against you so you can continue doing the work and living the life you love.

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