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Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., has focused his practice of the defense of white collar criminal matters for more than 30 years. He is a former state and federal prosecutor and headed the White Collar Practice section at one of the largest law firms in Texas.

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White Collar Crime Lawyer | Dallas, TX

Criminal Justice for Fraud, Embezzlement, Bribery & Money Laundering

Most people brought up on white collar charges or facing a criminal investigation have never been in trouble with the law before, or least not trouble of this magnitude. The fact is that even accusations of criminal activity can damage a person’s career and reputation. These allegations must be aggressively challenged and carefully managed at every point in the proceedings. The caliber of your defense attorney will go a long way in determining how your case proceeds.

If you or your company is under investigation by the FBIIRSSEC or any law enforcement agency, Dan C. Guthrie, Jr. in Dallas, TX can help. In most instances, clients retain Mr. Guthrie in the early stages of an investigation. His mission in every case is to prevent the government from bringing an indictment. Through diligent preparation, attention to detail and skilled argumentation, Mr. Guthrie has been able to show federal prosecutors and investigators how the facts do not merit an indictment.

Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., in Dallas, TX will also be prepared to deliver a compelling argument on your behalf in trial as necessary. Having been honored as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers in 2013 and 2014, his skill in the courtroom is well-established.

Criminal Defense for Financial Crimes

The firm takes on a broad spectrum of white collar crimes, including:

Bribery & Public Corruption

Bribery & Public Corruption Defense Lawyer | Dallas, TX Few stories are more appetizing to the media than those involving allegations of bribery and public corruption. Unfortunately, public officials who face these types of charges are nearly always tried and...

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Campaign Fraud

In recent years, campaign finance reform has resulted in new laws and a new emphasis on the administrative oversight of political fundraising and elections. These changes have had some success in curtailing campaign fraud in both Dallas, TX and nationwide; however,...

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Civil And Criminal Forfeiture

The use of civil and criminal forfeiture in both Dallas, TX and nationwide by federal and state authorities has grown dramatically in recent years. In theory, forfeiture deprives criminals of the financial gains associated with wrongdoing. Unfortunately, forfeiture is...

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Counterfeiting and forgery in Dallas, TX and nationwide involving securities or debt instruments are serious criminal charges most often prosecuted at the federal level. And in federal court, inexperience can cost you dearly. Whether you've been charged with...

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Customs Violations

Customs rules change from year to year in regards to items that you can and cannot bring into the United States or export to other countries and how you have to declare or account for those things. The changes are so frequent, in fact, that even United States...

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The best way to defend embezzlement in Dallas, TX and nationwide is to prevent criminal charges from ever being filed in the first place. To do that, you need to have an experienced embezzlement defense attorney who understands how grand jury investigations work,...

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Environmental Law Violations

Manufacturers, businesses and even real estate developers may find themselves the target of a criminal investigation if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determines certain regulations and laws were violated. Typically, criminal charges are brought if state or...

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FBI Investigations

Any indication that you are under investigation for embezzlement, insurance fraud, corporate fraud or other white collar crime in both Dallas, TX and nationwide should be taken very seriously. Grand jury indictments may be avoided if proactive action is taken at the...

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Business practices abroad are often very different from business practices in the United States. In certain nations, paying or bribing foreign officials to gain entry into a market is an accepted part of doing business. While these nations may encourage bribery, the...

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Money Laundering

The U.S. money laundering statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1956, is broad and was intended to be broad for two very specific reasons: One, it allows the government to seize any assets or property it can connect, in a financial way, to the specified criminal activity an individual...

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Whatever the charge, he is ready to challenge the government’s evidence and seek out the best possible result.

Protecting Against Civil and Criminal Forfeiture

In many cases, the government will attempt to deprive you of not only your freedom but also your property. Civil and criminal forfeiture proceedings are a common weapon in the government’s arsenal. Often, the government will seek the forfeiture of a person’s money, home and vehicles as part of a criminal investigation or prosecution. Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., in Dallas, TX will fight tenaciously to prevent the forfeiture and seizure of your property.


Defending Clients Against White Collar Criminal Charges in Dallas, Texas, and Nationwide