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Securities Law

Defending Clients Against Securities Violations in Dallas and Nationwide

Retain an Attorney Early in an Investigation

Clients usually retain Dan Guthrie prior to an indictment. By taking a proactive stance, he is often able to convince the government that the facts at hand do not support an indictment and further investigation. His goal is to minimize the disruption of a criminal investigation in his clients’ lives and help them seek the best result achievable under the circumstances.

Based in Dallas, Dan Guthrie’s practice is national in scope. Call 214-953-1000 or complete the firm’s online contact form to schedule a consultation.


Insider Trading

Insider trading by brokerage firms or corporate officers and directors will negatively impact investors' views of the markets. Consequently, the SEC closely scrutinizes individuals and companies suspected of committing insider trading. MORE

Ponzi Schemes

A Ponzi scheme occurs when a corporation or individual promises investors a specific rate of return. Rather than invest the money, however, old investors are instead paid with the principal of new investors. MORE

SEC Investigations

Recent well-publicized cases have focused attention on Securities and Exchange Commission investigations related to securities fraud, insider trading and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations. MORE

Securities Fraud

In the wake of insider trading scandals on Wall Street, many people readily assume that any company or individual under investigation for securities fraud is guilty — no questions asked. A proactive defense strategy can preserve your reputation. MORE

Dan Guthrie

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