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Money Laundering

Employers love when employees bring in money for “the business.” The government is no different

The government can seize assets and property it can connect to criminal activity, preventing the accused from affording the best defense.

That’s why money laundering in Dallas and nationwide has become something of a “pet” charge that prosecutors tack on to primary charges like mail fraud, wire fraud or other white collar crimes.

As you might expect, the government doesn’t like to give things back easily.

This puts individuals in a position of having to prove their innocence with their own money and assets frozen and no means to defend themselves.

Establishing The Money Trail

Take immediate action to protect your assets

The difference between what the Feds can seize or freeze in a money laundering case and what they can ultimately connect to alleged criminal activity is tremendous.

If you are under investigation or have been hit with money laundering charges, work with an experienced attorney to immediate take action to protect your assets and to challenge government seizures.


Defending Clients Against Money Laundering Charges in Dallas and Nationwide

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