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IRS Criminal Prosecutions

After years of little activity, the IRS is again aggressively pursuing cases for tax law violations

Hundreds of new special agents with the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) have been hired in Dallas, TX and nationwide.

Tax evasion, false and fraudulent tax returns, the failure to declare offshore bank accounts, the use of sham offshore trusts and failure to file tax returns are hot buttons these days.

The lists include those who have been using undeclared offshore bank accounts and trusts to hide income and assets from the IRS.

The IRS is very serious in prosecuting these individuals. Early and proactive representation is essential in order to address these issues effectively.


The IRS has obtained from major banks the identities of thousands of U.S. citizens it intends to investigate

The IRS is aggressively pursuing criminal prosecution in the following areas:

  • Using sham offshore trusts and bank accounts to conceal income and assets
  • Shifting assets and income to hidden offshore accounts
  • Failing to file FBARs regarding foreign bank accounts
  • Claiming fictitious or inflated deductions
  • Tax preparation services that use false or inflated deductions
  • Businesses that fail to pay payroll taxes
  • Failing to report true income
  • Failing to file tax returns

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