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Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., has earned a reputation nationally for providing the highest levels of representation against all types of white collar charges in federal and state courts. Most of Dan's clients are corporate executives and officers; professionals such as doctors, attorneys and accountants; entrepreneurs; and others who have accomplished much in life. While sophisticated individuals, most of his clients do not fully understand how a criminal investigation can bring on professional and personal ruin if not handled effectively.

When you retain Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., you will have a powerful advocate on your side who will do everything in his power to attack the government's evidence and seek the best possible result.

Independent, Proactive And Experienced

When larger law firms represent corporate officers, directors or executives, they may be more concerned with protecting relationships with the corporation than with the individual. For Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., this is never an issue. Because he is a solo practitioner who devotes the entirety of his practice to criminal defense and whistleblower claims, his sole objective will be to vindicate his client's interests and protect his client's rights.

In most cases, clients retain Dan during the investigative stages of a criminal prosecution, IRS investigation, SEC investigation or FBI investigation. At this point in the process, an effective defense lawyer has a real opportunity to prevent an indictment. His detail-oriented, strategic approach has prevented grand jury indictments for his clients on many occasions. Of course, when trial before a jury is required, he can aggressively defend your rights.

To get a better idea of what Dan has been able to achieve for his clients, please view his representative cases page.

Nationwide Financial Crimes Attorney Based In Dallas

Few lawyers in America can match Dan's depth and breadth of white collar criminal defense experience. Prior to joining the defense bar, Dan served as a prosecutor at both the state and federal levels. This experience is instrumental in helping Dan evaluate even the most complex case through the eyes of a government prosecutor or investigator. In addition, before he founded his own law firm, Dan was the head of the white collar criminal defense practice for one of the largest law firms in Texas.

As a result of his experience and success, Dan has been called on to discuss international and white collar topics in national news programs, including 60 Minutes. He has also been quoted in various national publications, including the New York Times and U.S. News & World Report. To learn more, view his in the media page.

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