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Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., has focused his practice of the defense of white collar criminal matters for more than 30 years. He is a former state and federal prosecutor and headed the White Collar Practice section at one of the largest law firms in Texas.

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Various federal government agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) have programs in place to encourage individuals with knowledge of government fraud to come forward. Moreover, the federal government is also interested in fraud committed by public companies listed on American stock exchanges. Successful whistleblowers are generally eligible for a financial reward.

While these programs are a strong incentive for people with knowledge of possible fraud to come forward, there is also the possibility that any whistleblower could unwittingly incriminate him or herself. Consequently, these matters are extremely complicated on many levels. Any person with unique knowledge of substantial government fraud must have legal counsel who can also address the potential criminal ramifications.

With decades of experience as a white collar criminal defense lawyer and years of experience as a federal prosecutor, Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., has the skill set necessary to protect a whistleblower’s rights. While most of Mr. Guthrie’s practice is dedicated to white collar criminal defense, he has successfully represented whistleblowers in numerous instances.

Taking On Whistleblower Claims with Care and Precision

In order for a whistleblower claim to be successful, the whistleblower must prove three things to the government’s satisfaction:

  • The whistleblower has knowledge of the fraud
  • The whistleblower must be able to provide proof that the fraud has occurred
  • The government is not already aware of the fraud

As a practical matter, many individuals who can provide proof of fraud may be facing potential criminal exposure. Mr. Guthrie will advise you on the merits of your claim, help you gather proof of this fraud and help you present it to the appropriate government agencies.

Most importantly, he can negotiate the strongest possible resolution in the event criminal charges are a possibility. Depending on the facts, he may be able to negotiate immunity or a reduction of charges consistent with protecting your rights.

Representing Whistleblowers On a Contingency Fee Basis

If Mr. Guthrie accepts a whistleblower claim, he handles it on a no-recovery, no-fee basis. He will only receive attorney fees if the government pays money to you. To discuss your claims in a confidential consultation, please call his Dallas office at 214-953-1000 or complete the online contact form.