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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Business practices abroad are often very different from business practices in the United States. In certain nations, paying or bribing foreign officials to gain entry into a market is an accepted part of doing business. While these nations may encourage bribery, the United States government seeks to deter it via the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Enacted in 1977 and substantially revised in 1988, FCPA prohibits American corporations and individuals from paying foreign officials to obtain or maintain business.

FCPA Violations can expose you to exorbitant fines, and even prison time

Being accused of an FCPA violation can have lifelong implications for your career and your company’s reputation.

If a federal law enforcement agency is investigating you or your company for FCPA violations, the lawyer you choose in your defense can have a significant impact in how your case is resolved.

A knowledgeable defense attorney can take steps to protect you in the pre-indictment stages of a case.

Dan Guthrie will work relentlessly to analyze the evidence and develop strong case theories to show why the prosecution will not be able to prove some part of the government’s case.

Preventing an indictment is critical

A formal federal prosecutor and a recognized FCPA authority

A national reputation for successfully handling FCPA cases on behalf of clients and their employers.

With substantial experience on both sides of these cases, Dan is familiar with the resources available to government attorneys and with the investigative tactics and legal strategies they employ. If an indictment can’t be avoided, Dan will explore all possible resolutions, including taking a case to trial.


Experienced FCPA Defense Attorney

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