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FBI Investigations

Any indication that you are under investigation by the FBI must be taken very seriously

Charges of embezzlement, insurance fraud, corporate fraud or other white collar crime can destroy your business and your reputation.

Avoiding an indictment is possible if proactive action is taken at the right stages of FBI or grand jury investigations.

Customarily, an indictment is an indicator that sufficient evidence has already been collected to obtain a conviction and that the government is ready for trial.

An effective defense strategy starts before indictments are filed — usually at the onset of FBI investigations. Contact Dan Guthrie to discuss your defense strategy right away.


By the time an indictment is filed, the FBI has already collected damaging information

FBI Charges and Investigations

Dan Guthrie provides experienced, proactive and expedient defense representation to clients who have become aware that they are the target of an FBI investigation, grand jury or other government agency regarding the following:

  •  Commercial real estate fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Loan fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Government procurement fraud
  • Other forms of white collar frauds

FBI Investigations Require an Experienced Defense Attorney

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