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The best defense of an embezzlement accusation is a thorough investigation to uncover all documents and witnesses

It’s critical that you hire an experienced defense attorney.

Dan Guthrie understands how grand jury investigations work, knows how to effectively defend you in grand jury proceedings and knows how to work proactively and behind the scenes to quietly resolve the allegations.

Being accused of embezzling can have lifelong implications for your business and career.

Allegations of embezzlement, employee theft and filing inflated or phony expense reports require a proactive defense attorney because of what a conviction signals to your peers, business associates and prospective employers.

You must work swiftly to safeguard your reputation

Preventing grand jury indictments is top priority

Dan Guthrie has been making prosecutors’ jobs more difficult for more than 30 years.

He has built a national reputation for successfully handling cases involving embezzling and misapplication of funds.


Experienced Defense Attorney for Embezzlement Charges

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