Counterfeiting and forgery are very serious charges

Charges relating to securities or debt instruments are most often prosecuted at the federal level.

An attorney who lacks experience in this kind of defense can cost you dearly.

If involved during the pre-charging, investigative phase of the process — ideal in nearly all cases — Dan Guthrie may be able to prevent charges from being filed.

In fact, he has built a well-deserved, national reputation for preventing grand jury indictments. That said, avoiding charges is not always a realistic option.

The sooner you start your defense, the better

No Hidden Conflicts of Interest, No Bait-And-Switch

Because he is an independent practitioner, clients who hire Dan Guthrie never need to question whose interests their attorney is protecting or who will actually prepare the case and present their defense.

Clients of larger firms cannot always expect this level of commitment and personal attention.


Defending Counterfeiting Charges in Dallas and Nationwide

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