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Bribery & Public Corruption

Protecting your reputation and career

Few stories are more appetizing to the media than those involving allegations of bribery and public corruption.

Unfortunately, public officials who face these types of charges are nearly always tried and convicted in the media long before they have their day in court.

By the time a case goes to trial, careers and reputations have been destroyed. Even for those found innocent.

Whether charged with campaign fraud, extortion or embezzlement, you need to have an attorney with experience and media savvy if you hope to salvage much of your professional reputation or career.

A nationwide track record for preventing grand jury indictments

Successfully handling high-profile bribery and public corruption cases for more than 30 years

As a former state and federal prosecutor, Mr. Guthrie knows how seriously the government takes these matters.

He has an insider’s knowledge of the tactics and resources prosecutors use to convict the accused.


Defending Against Charges of Bribery and Public Corruption

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