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Whistleblower Cases

Representing Whistleblowers in Dallas and Nationwide

Taking On Whistleblower Claims with Care and Precision

In order for a whistleblower claim to be successful, the whistleblower must prove three things to the government’s satisfaction:

  • The whistleblower has knowledge of the fraud
  • The whistleblower must be able to provide proof that the fraud has occurred
  • The government is not already aware of the fraud

As a practical matter, many individuals who can provide proof of fraud may be facing potential criminal exposure. Mr. Guthrie will advise you on the merits of your claim, help you gather proof of this fraud and help you present it to the appropriate government agencies.

Most importantly, he can negotiate the strongest possible resolution in the event criminal charges are a possibility. Depending on the facts, he may be able to negotiate immunity or a reduction of charges consistent with protecting your rights.


Representing Whistleblowers On a Contingency Fee Basis

Dan Guthrie

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