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Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion and Tax Preparer Fraud

The IRS employs thousands of specially trained special agents with the goal of uncovering tax fraud and tax evasion

These agents wield substantial power, as they can audit tax returns, subpoena your financial information and undertake all sorts of investigative measures.

Depending on the seriousness of the allegations, individual or corporate taxpayers accused of fraud or evasion could face civil fines and even criminal penalties.

Sometimes a skilled attorney can effectively address the criminal issues with the DOJ’s Tax Division, convincing prosecutors that there isn’t enough evidence to successfully prosecute an indictment.

To support your defense, Dan Guthrie will work with former IRS special agents, former FBI agents and other investigators as necessary. This investigation could turn up any number of reasons why an indictment is not warranted. Even if the government indicts you, Dan Guthrie is a seasoned trial attorney ready to present a strong case on your behalf.

Depending on the circumstances, it’s sometimes possible to avoid an indictment

The IRS also has dramatically increased investigation of tax preparers in Dallas and nationwide

CPAs, tax firms and other professionals are finding themselves in the crosshairs of an IRS investigation. In many instances, criminal charges can arise from these investigations.

IRS carefully scrutinizes tax preparers, and if it has reason to believe a tax preparer is creating a false or misleading return, it will act swiftly. In certain instances, the IRS may claim that the taxpayer and tax preparer are colluding to commit fraud.

An experienced lawyer will have the ability to make sure clients cooperate with an investigation without incriminating themselves.


A key consideration in defense strategies for tax preparers is determining the client’s level of cooperation with government authorities

Fighting Charges of Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion and Tax Preparer Fraud

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