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Securities Fraud

In the court of public opinion, companies and individuals accused of securities fraud are immediately presumed guilty

Thanks to well-publicized cases, fraud allegations can cause broad reputational damage – even without a conviction.

Dan Guthrie has significant experience representing his clients in the media. He understands that the best defense against white collar crimes being tried in the media is thorough and proactive legal representation.

Because he is a sole practitioner, clients of Mr. Guthrie’s firm can feel confident that an experienced attorney will actually do the work of preparing and presenting their defense as opposed to a young inexperienced associate.

There will be no hidden conflicts of interest or agendas at work. This is especially important to individuals charged in connection with larger, highly publicized corporate scandals, as they can be made scapegoats if not careful.


Protecting You and You Alone

A Defense Attorney for Securities Fraud Cases

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