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Commercial Real Estate Fraud

A fraud investigation can destroy a real estate enterprise

The FBI conducts investigations that can last years. By the time an indictment is filed, the government is well-prepared for trial.

In tough economic times, even reputable businesses must make difficult decisions to stay afloat. For many business professionals in Texas and nationwide, this may lead to allegations of misrepresentations made to lenders.

Witnesses are often threatened with prosecution, and allegations are then made in order to escape lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines.

Dan Guthrie focuses on early involvement that can proactively counter the efforts of an FBI investigation. Guthrie will do everything possible to prevent an indictment from being filed.


Protecting your reputation and your financial interests demands experience and an attorney with a long track record of success

Proactive, Aggressive Defense for Builders, Developers and Real Estate Clients

Dan Guthrie provides experienced, proactive and aggressive defense for home builders, real estate developers, real estate agents, title companies, appraisers and other professionals in real estate fraud cases involving:

  • False financial statements
  • Documents that misrepresent leasing
  • Misrepresentations regarding pre-sales or pre-qualified buyers
  • Inflated appraisals
  • Other misstatements and falsifications

When an indictment has already been filed, Mr. Guthrie works to develop a comprehensive and effective defense strategy, viewing the case through the eyes of a former prosecutor. In some commercial real estate fraud cases, the fact that the lender was aware of the alleged misrepresentations may be a critical element in your defense strategy.

Defense Attorney for Commercial Real Estate Fraud Cases in Dallas and Nationwide

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