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Bank Fraud

If you’ve been charged with bank fraud, hire a skilled attorney without delay

Your reputation, privacy, financial security – and even your freedom – are at risk.

Charges of bank fraud can be very serious. Avoiding an indictment will require a white collar defense attorney with skills in this specific area of law.

Bank fraud refers to an attempt to obtain money from a financial institution like a bank or credit union by means of a false, fraudulent or misleading statement.

Charges can be brought in connection with embezzlement, identity theft, mortgage fraud, making false statements on a loan application, forging sigatures and more.

Move swiftly to protect your reputation, privacy, financial security and freedom

Dan Guthrie’s sole practice is devoted to white collar cases

Mr. Guthrie does not handle DWIs or drug cases – only crimes such as bank fraud in Dallas and nationwide.

Before entering private practice as a white collar defense lawyer more than 30 years ago, he was both a state and federal prosecutor. Today, he pairs the knowledge of how prosecutors operate with his extensive trial experience to develop the most effective and aggressive defense possible for his clients.


Defense Attorney for Bank Fraud Charges in Dallas and Nationwide

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