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Defending Clients Against Fraud Charges in Dallas and Nationwide

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Health Care Fraud

As health care costs increase, the government is taking a closer look at the conduct of health care professionals. As a result, health care fraud investigations and prosecutions are on the rise, with many physicians and other medical professionals facing reputation-destroying allegations. MORE

Antitrust Violations

Under the Sherman Antitrust Act, price fixing and market allocations are illegal. Competitors must not collude to determine the cost of products in a way that harms the public, nor should suppliers and manufacturers conspire to raise costs to consumers. MORE

Bank Fraud

Whether you've been charged with bank fraud in connection with a mortgage fraud investigation, identity theft or with embezzlement, protecting your reputation, your privacy, your financial security and your freedom is a difficult task that demands an experienced lawyer. MORE

Commercial Real Estate Fraud

In tough economic times, even reputable businesses must make difficult decisions to stay afloat. For many business professionals in Texas and throughout the United States, this may lead to allegations of misrepresentations made to lenders. MORE

Commodities Fraud

Commodities fraud investigations involve auditing and reviewing the actions of a broker and the specific transactions in question. Investigators review commodities futures contracts in order to determine if fraudulent statements were made. MORE

Computer Fraud

Computer fraud represents a broad category of crimes that may be charged any time a computer is alleged to have been used to facilitate a criminal activity. However, the difficulty of erasing hard drive records of fraudulent activity limits options for defense. MORE

Government Procurement Fraud

Government procurement fraud cases arise when federal contracts are obtained illegally or improperly, or when federal contracts are fulfilled with inferior goods or services, including cases involving insider information or other schemes. MORE

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud occurs in a broad range of contexts and may involve any type of insurance. Common examples include companies overstating insurance losses after a natural disaster, medical providers rendering one service but charging for another, or employers making false statements to lower policy premiums. MORE

Mortgage Fraud

The fallout of the real estate and financial markets has caused federal investigators to scrutinize financial enterprises across the country. Business professionals, homeowners and other individuals are increasingly being confronted with allegations of mortgage fraud. MORE

Loan Fraud

In addition to mortgage fraud, other loan schemes include inflating property appraisals, failing to disclose a primary residence, falsifying documents or various charges relating to other aspects of borrowing and lending. MORE

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