In the last few years, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has dramatically increased enforcement actions and prosecutions related to false and fraudulent tax returns, offshore bank accounts, corporate accounting and revenue recognition matters. Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., in Dallas, TX has broad experience representing individuals, business owners and corporations dealing with the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS.

Some of the most common issues associated with IRS investigations of individuals and small businesses include unreported income and underreported income; off-shore trusts, accounts and investments; and excessive or fraudulent tax deductions. Tax issues for companies that spur IRS investigations are often related to revenue recognition matters such as stock grants, accounting shifts and off-balance-sheet entities.

The tax laws associated with IRS tax fraud investigations are highly complex in both Dallas, TX and nationwide. Dan is a former federal prosecutor who was specially trained by the IRS and Department of Justice on how to investigate and prosecute tax fraud cases in both Dallas, TX and nationwide. He knows how the government thinks on tax cases. In addition, he works with a group of former special agents with the Internal Revenue Service to assist him in his aggressive and proactive defense of his clients. His objective is to perform an in-depth investigation and analysis to present to the DOJ Tax Division in an effort to do everything possible to avoid any indictments or prosecutions for tax fraud.

If you are under investigation for tax fraud or tax evasion, please contact Dan C. Guthrie, Jr. in Dallas, TX. He can be reached by phone at 214-953-1000 or by filling out the form on the contact page.

Protecting Reputations

In the wake of news of recent corporate investigations, the perception is that allegations in the press related to white collar crimes, such as tax fraud, are tantamount to a conviction in many people’s minds. If an indictment is unavoidable, Dan in Dallas, TX is a seasoned trial lawyer with considerable experience and success in aggressively representing clients in federal court and the United States Tax Court.

Dan has significant experience protecting his clients’ reputation in the media where public comment is necessary. For more information about his experience in dealing with the media, please click here.

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