Insurance fraud occurs in a broad range of contexts and may involve any type of insurance. Common examples include the corporation that “overstates” insurance losses after a natural disaster; the medical provider who renders one service but charges for another, more expensive one; and the business owner who makes just a few false statements in an attempt to secure lower premiums.

The one factor common in all scenarios mentioned above is the certainty that insurance companies will be vigilant about insurance fraud in any form. They will aggressively seek to make an example out of you and your situation.

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Building a strong defense to white collar criminal charges such as insurance fraud starts with thorough investigation. To do that, Dan employs former federal investigators, IRS special agents and other professionals as necessary. However, clients can be assured that as far as the legal work involved in preparing and presenting their defense goes, Mr. Guthrie himself will be doing that work, and no one else.

For more than 30 years, Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., and his law firm have offered effective defense counsel to individual and corporate clients throughout the United States. A former state and federal prosecutor himself, Dan has earned a national reputation for providing skilled, independent legal representation and success at preventing grand jury indictments.

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