Insider trading by brokerage firms or corporate officers and directors will negatively impact investors’ views of the markets. Consequently, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) closely scrutinizes individuals and companies suspected of committing insider trading. In recent years, SEC enforcement actions and federal prosecutions have increased. In any event, any individual or business under investigation for insider trading needs aggressive legal counsel at the earliest opportunity.

Many insider trading investigations and prosecutions center on the use of “material nonpublic information” by people or businesses that are in a position to use this information to make profits in the stock market. In order to make their case, federal authorities will rely on emails, text messages and other communications. As a result, insider trading investigations, like most all white collar criminal investigations, are very document-intensive. Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., is adept at analyzing all of the evidence to find the flaws in the government’s evidence and create a powerful defense.

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A Lawyer Who Will Place Your Interests First

When a corporate and an individual officer, director or employee is facing potential charges, a larger law firm may be tempted to save the corporation at the expense of an individual employee. The reason for this is that a corporation may continue to require legal representation for other needs, while a specific individual is less likely to require further legal representation. Independence is one of the cornerstones of Dan’s practice. His client’s interests, whether the client is a person or a business, will always be at the forefront.

Criminal defense attorney Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., has gained a national reputation for delivering exceptional representation for clients facing all types of white collar criminal allegations, including those related to violations of securities laws. As a former federal prosecutor with more than 30 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Guthrie has the experience necessary to protect your rights.

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