Government Procurement Fraud Lawyer

The United States government has spent billions of dollars in an attempt to jump start the economy. Federal contracts are made with the government for medical equipment, defense equipment, maintenance services, construction services and other goods and services. While these contracts usually undergo a rigorous competitive bidding process, there are times when the contract is wrongfully awarded to a contractor or business through deceptive or fraudulent means.

Government procurement fraud cases arise when federal contracts are obtained illegally or improperly, or when federal contracts are fulfilled with inferior goods or services, including cases involving:

  • False statements made about the quality of goods or services
  • Inside information used to obtain a bid (non-public information)
  • Bribery used to participate with a specific contractor or vendor
  • Inferior products substituted for the originally contracted products
  • Defective products knowingly supplied in a federal contract

Government procurement fraud allegations require thorough investigation of documents, witnesses and other evidence. Independent investigations are conducted by the agency and may be referred to the FBI in certain cases for further investigation.

The Dallas law office of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., represents clients who allege fraud against the government in connection to federal contracts. Under the Federal False Claims Act, individuals who bring forward information regarding government procurement fraud are entitled to a percentage of funds recovered by the government.

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