Business practices abroad are often very different from business practices in the United States. In certain nations, paying or bribing foreign officials to gain entry into a market is an accepted part of doing business. While these nations may encourage bribery, the United States government strongly discourages it. Perhaps the most powerful deterrent for American companies is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

This law, enacted in 1977 and substantially revised in 1988, prohibits American corporations and individuals from paying foreign officials to obtain or maintain business. Violations of the FCPA can expose a company to exorbitant fines. Individuals accused of violating the FCPA can also face fines and even prison time. In addition, charges of violating these laws can seriously damage a company’s reputation.

Before Foreign Corrupt Practices Act charges in Dallas, TX and nationwide can be filed, the government must first obtain an indictment. In the pre-indictment stages of a case, a knowledgeable defense attorney can take many steps to prevent the filing of an indictment. Mr. Guthrie will work relentlessly to analyze the evidence and develop strong case theories to show why the prosecution will not be able to prove some part of the government’s case.

If a federal law enforcement agency is investigating you or your company for suspected FCPA violations, the lawyer you choose in your defense can have a significant impact in how your case is resolved. From his office in Dallas, attorney Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., in Dallas, TX has gotten positive results for companies and individuals under investigation for FCPA violations.

Dan is recognized as an authority on this matter, having been interviewed by the Associated Press, BBC and Bloomberg in connection with potential FCPA violations by international companies. To learn more about Dan’s appearances in the media, review his in the media page.

Preventing an Indictment Whenever Possible

As a former federal prosecutor, Dan in Dallas, TX handled one of the first FCPA grand jury investigations. With substantial experience on both sides of these cases, he is familiar with the resources available to government attorneys and with the investigative tactics and legal strategies they employ. If an indictment cannot be avoided, Dan will explore all possible resolutions, including trial as necessary. His meticulous, aggressive approach to defending his clients’ rights has led to favorable outcomes in courtrooms across America.

Defending Clients Against the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Charges in Dallas, Texas, and Nationwide