In recent years, campaign finance reform has resulted in new laws and a new emphasis on the administrative oversight of political fundraising and elections. These changes have had some success in curtailing campaign fraud in both Dallas, TX and nationwide; however, their greatest effect has been to create significant confusion over what you can and cannot do. Consequently, prosecutions for campaign fraud and election law violations have steadily risen over the last decade.

Although cases of political corruption and campaign fraud in Dallas, TX and nationwide may not receive the same frenzied media attention that more sensational public corruption cases do, the disparity is not large. Because of that, it is important to consult with an experienced defense lawyer before the situation with the media gets out of hand.

Independent and Experienced, Focused Solely On White Collar Criminal Defense

Dan Guthrie in Dallas, TX has been successfully handling high-profile prosecutions of white collar crimes as a defense lawyer for more than 30 years. As a result of those experiences, Dan has learned a great deal about working discreetly on behalf of his clients in the face of media attention and about protecting reputations and careers while managing public exposure.

Mr. Guthrie represents politicians and political groups in Dallas, TX,  throughout Texas and the United States, and provides independent legal counsel for all matters involving campaign fraud or election law.

If you are under investigation for campaign violations, Dan Guthrie can help. To schedule a consultation, call 214-953-1000 or contact his law firm online.

Defending Clients Against Campaign Fraud Charges in Dallas, Texas, and Nationwide