Whether you’ve been charged with bank fraud in connection with a mortgage fraud investigation, identity theft or with embezzlement, protecting your reputation, your privacy, your financial security and your freedom is a difficult task that demands a lawyer with experience in this specific area of the law.

What Is Bank Fraud?

Bank fraud may be charged in connection with a wide variety of activities — borrower misrepresentation, making false statements on a loan application, assuming a false identity, forging signatures and more. The underlying element of each of these, however, is an attempt to obtain money from a financial institution like a bank or credit union by means of a false, fraudulent or misleading statement.

Independent and Experienced, Focused Solely On White Collar Criminal Defense

Mr. Guthrie does not handle DWIs or drug cases; he devotes his practice solely to representing clients in white collar cases. As a result, he has extensive experience in this area.

Attorney Dan C. Guthrie, Jr., and his law firm provide experienced, independent legal representation to clients in Texas and nationwide. Before entering private practice as a white collar defense lawyer more than 30 years ago, Mr. Guthrie was both a state and federal prosecutor. Today, he puts that knowledge and perspective on how prosecutors operate with his extensive trial experience to develop the most effective and aggressive defense possible for his clients.

As your attorney, Mr. Guthrie will take a proactive, hands-on approach to defending you. To accomplish the goal of achieving the best possible outcome, he personally manages every aspect of preparing and presenting your defense. He works with former special agents for the IRS and FBI to uncover the factual weaknesses in the government’s case so that his clients are represented in a convincing, compelling way that does everything possible try to prevent an indictment. If that is not possible, his extensive trial experience and communication abilities enable him to present his clients’ defense to juries in a highly effective way. See some of Mr. Guthrie’s representative cases.

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Defending Clients Against Bank Fraud Charges in Dallas, Texas, and Nationwide